5 Step Guide to Tame Humid Hair

Having a bad hair day in Singapore? Welcome to the club!

Battling humidity, air conditioning, hot sun, and highly chlorinated showers and pools can be exhausting for both you and your tresses.

6 years of testing different hair remedies, and we’ve found these to be most helpful.

Try these out, and be sure to also suggest in the comments what has helped you beat the heat!

5 Step Guide to Tame Humid Hair

Step 1: Get at the Root!

Suggestion: Start by addressing the problem internally. Hair supplements + a healthy diet + drink at least 8 glasses of water.


Step 2: Protect from Chlorine & Heat

Suggestion: Always rinse before entering the pool & immediately after. If you are the type of girl to wear a swim cap, you do you boo.

If you want to get really aggro, work on getting a dechlorinating filter for your shower. This supposedly also helps with hair loss.

Buy a heat protectant!

We love Giovanni – which can be found on websites such as iherb as well as health food stores like Brown Rice Paradise. As a plus, it’s organic and sulfate free! Spray this baby on wet hair and style away.


Step 3: Bump up your Color

Suggestion: Purple-toned shampoo.

Lush carries one, and you can also get one from the local salon La Papillon (where I get my Keratin Treatments done.) Call Manny ahead and see if they have stock!


Step 4: Style for the Humidity

Check out these products. All sold at Sephora. And smell amazing.

  • Living Proof – Dry Shampoo
  • Living Proof – Humidity Shield
  • Living Proof – Perfect Hair Day – 5-in-1 Styler
  • Living Proof – Weightless Hairspray
  • Ouoi Hair Oil.

bellaI’m a big fan of Ouoi hair products in general, and their oil is one of my favorites!

And it’s a favorite of Bella Hadid.

If you use it you can look just like this.
We promise…

For Curls we recommend:

  • Bumble & Bumble – Curl Conscious Cream
  • Lush – This stuff has a very strong scent. You will either love or hate the smell. Give it a sniff and see.

What other curly hair products have you found to work? We want to grow our list!

Additionally we recommend you define your curls with a tapered Curling iron.

For added protection, buy a Silk Pillowcase or Silk hair Scarf.


Step 5: Address an itchy scalp

Saving the best for last, this is the worst issue by far to deal with in the humidity. Damp roots can lead to all types of problems.

As a general rule, always keep hair as clean and dry as possible.
If you find you are having chronic itchy scalp, hit up your doctors office and get Nizoral Shampoo and X treatment. This combo reduces inflammation and almost immediately clears up scalp issues almost immediately. Trust us. We’ve used them!


What has helped you battle the elements? Keep us posted below!

Want to save on Home Treatments? Follow us for our upcoming article on DIY Hair masks!

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