Our Fav Skincare Tips for Humid Weather

Weather change, travel, humidity, and constant office air conditioning getting the best of you? Check out our favorite humid skincare tips to get you on track for flawless skin.


The perfect storm of humidity, sweat, oil, and dryness lead to all types of crazy on my skin.

BHATo help with daily maintenance, I suggest trying a light cleanser. I’m OBSESSED with Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Cleanser and Skin Perfecting BHA – they have transformed my skin. Buy them. Immediately.

Apply the BHA nightly with a circular cotton pad and let it works its magic.

Then tell me you love me for telling you about it.



As far as moisturizer, my fav oil of choice is MV Organic Jojoba Oil.

jojobaI’ve moved from a lotion to a lightweight oil after months of battling cronic breakouts in the humidity.

It sounds scary and counterintuitive, but I’ve found that a light face oil lessened my oil production more than a creme or lotion based moisture. Dryness stops, and fine lines fade!





For a scrub I love the Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub from Body Shop. Tea tree helps reduce breakouts, and the exfoliant is gentle so won’t aggravate the skin. It works great with a Clarisonic if you have one.


For stubborn areas and monthly breakouts that occur, I use a dermatologist recommended product Neo-Medrol. I get this from my Singapore dermatologist. I highly recommend her if you are battling breakouts consistently.


If you have ever picked at your skin in the humidity you know that the healing time is a nightmare compared to drier climates.

comedoneThis nifty little Comedone Extractor tool works wonders to help target removal of blackheads and pimples without contaminating the area with bacteria or causing excessive skin damage.

Simply press the clean tool down into the skin and – voila- like magic – your pores will be cleared.

I use this tool after washing, then after I am done using the tool I apply the liquid BHA to ensure clear pores & reduce bacteria.

For stubborn areas and monthly breakouts that occur, I use a dermatologist recommended product called Neo-Medrol. I get this from my Singapore dermatologist, and a consultation is required. I highly recommend her if you are battling breakouts consistently, so if you are interested, shoot us a note and I can send you the info!


Step 1: Apply a Shine Stopper

Again, Paula’s Choice is a lifesaver. Dab their Shine Stopper on with a makeup sponge, pop it in your purse for mid-day touchup, and stay shine-free all day long.

Shine Stopper
I prefer this vs. using a pressed or loose powder due to the natural finish. It is colorless so won’t smudge, smear, melt or ruin light colored clothing. Let your natural skin glow through while looking perfectly matte.

Step 2: Blot Mid-day

Tatcha oil blotting papers

These oil absorbing papers from Tatcha are the gold-standard of makeup blotters.

LITERALLY. They have gold flakes in them!

If you are looking to save, Daiso has blotting papers that work as well!

Vitamins & Supplements

Supplements help! I’ve taken both powdered and capsulated collagen and found both to to improve overall skintone.

Did you know you can eat your sunscreen?

Alternative Hydration

Stay Hydrated I drink one fresh coconut water a day. Trust me. It works wonders!

Clean Eating

Cut sugars, and skip dairy. The best my skin every looked was the month of raw dieting.

If you’d like some inspiration, check out this amazing recipe book.


Regular exercise and at least 15 minutes outdoors per day helps me stay healthy and happy.

Sun Protection

When exposed to the sun for extensive time periods, I opt for a hat or visor over just wearing sunglasses. It additionally decreases facial breakouts around the nose.

General Housekeeping

Regular washing of Pillowcases, towels & face cloths are a must in the humidity, as bacteria easily breeds. Be sure to clean these items regularly, and add bleach to kill germs.

Speaking of bedding – did you know silk pillowcases can help ensure soft skin and hair? Give it a try!

Clean your Tools

Wash makeup brushes once a week with a mild shampoo, and let them dry flat near a window to ensure they dry properly.

If you are using beauty tools, ensure to wipe frequently with rubbing alcohol.


What has helped your skin in Singapore? Or just in the humidity in general? Post comments below! 

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