DIY: Jean Shorts

DIY Jean Shorts

Are you now realizing that you don’t need the 12 pairs of jeans you brought with you when you packed for your move to Singapore? It’s OK – we’ve been there.

One fun solution is to make a couple cute pairs of jean shorts. Helpful techniques are listed below.


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Factors to Consider:











Did you know you can alter the color of your jeans with some simple spray bleach? Here’s a fun & simple video that shows the steps.

Not feeling too creative or having trouble selecting a style? No problem!
Check out our Pinterest Lookbook for some lovely endless summer fashion inspiration.



Finding the right length is the hardest part of the process.
First select what type of hem you want: a folded bottom edge or a fringed bottom.

We recommend keeping the jeans a bit longer than you think you will need if you want to go with a distressed look.

Cut the jeans 1-2 inches longer than you’d like them to fit, then put the jeans on to adjust the length.

Fold the jeans to the length you’d like, remove then with folds in tact, and cut along the folds.

Different angles of cut offer different looks, so be sure to test out what is best by folding the jeans prior to cutting!

In addition to the cut of the length, holes can be placed strategically just by making small simple cuts then washing the fabric. We recommend using a straight edge razor to make cuts like this, as scissor cuts can look a bit too severe for the holes to look natural.

Check out these cheeks!

Jean Holes


Distress Marks

Once you cut the main length of your shorts. You can additionally spray some bleach to have a more distressed look.

If you are looking to go ombre, a spray bottle works best and leaving the jeans in the sun for 30 minutes or longer.

Wash the jeans in warm or hot water with soap to ensure fringe is created and ensure the bleach stops reacting with the jean.

distress mark.jpg



You will want to add embellishments AFTER you have both cut and then washed your shorts to ensure you have the correct length. Your shorts may shrink up quite a bit after making holes or cutting fringe.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 4.13.23 PM


You can additionally explore doing full cut-out effects or add patchwork or embroidery.

Iron-on embroidery or lace patches are the most simple way to add a striking effect.

We are obsessed, and currently scouring the internet for patches to share with you.


Keep us updated on how your jean shorts came out!
Post a pic, and leave a comment if you have any questions.


Julietta & The City Light Collective








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